Tuesday, December 26, 2006

2006 Year in Review: August - Byron Bay

In August, ten members of Nambucca Valley Writers Group made the annual trek to the Byron Bay Writers Festival.

Our carload stops at Ulmarra Pub for lunch.

When we arrive at the Byron Bay Beach Resort, Roby discovers that she has missed numerous mobile calls from her husband. She has sent her fantasy novel to a publisher, and the publisher has left a message on her answering machine to find the head of the company at the Festival. This news is overwhelming:

And has to be repeated to the next arrivals.

Things settle down as we attend festival events. Time for nerves to settle and conversations to be rehearsed.

Quiet time at the cabin as we discuss some of the session we have seen.

Roby has her first unofficial meeting with the publisher.

Closing night, and a big farewell to outgoing director, Jill Eddington. Everyone is ready to party.

We get stuck into the collage poetry, as the deadline for our Collage Poetry diary project is looming before us.

Another successful and inspiring festival, and we left with bated breath, waiting for Roby's next news installment.

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