Friday, August 24, 2007

Byron Bay Writers Festival - Lyn's report

2 Things stood out for me.

One workshop covering research for fiction convinced me that's the way to go. Intense research. Next day hearing Richard Flanagan's making it up as you go along theory pulled me the other way. (RF's - is how I live my day to day life anyway- great contrast for me to uncover.)

Secondly in Adult Themes, Kate Crawford/Eliz.Farrelly - discussing Y/X gen.Spoke about lack of public housing etc keeping people home longer etc.Kate had read in Hansard in 1955 - Robert Menzies then PM - said we will sell public housing to the "people" so they won't turn to Communism.. I remember at that time the big propaganda threat was Red/Peril. This was the deliberate beginning of the sliding of public housing in Aust. and totally new info for me.

Best wishes, Lyn T.

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