Monday, August 6, 2007

NVWG Non-Fiction Writing Competition 2007

Every year the Nambucca Valley Writers Group holds a writing competition for its members and the winner receives the coveted Foundation President's Trophy for 12 months. This year's competition started out as essay writing, evolved into article writing and finally settled into the all-encompassing Non-Fiction Writing.

The prize is presented at our Annual General Meeting which always ensures a good turn up. But this year we were missing a few important people, some of the prize winners themselves.

Anne Holgate presents third prize to Lyn Thiry.

Winner of third prize, Lyn Thiry was on hand to collect her bottle of plonk but second and first prize winners were not present.

2nd prize winner Gill Chapman had a good excuse. She was in England at the time.

But first prize winner, and winner of the coveted trophy, Noel Robertson, had chosen to attend another AGM that afternoon, despite efforts of a committee member in the know to talk him into coming to our meeting.
We don't have the luxury or foresight of the Academy Awards where they pre-record acceptance speeches of actors who are on the other side of the country or even the world. Besides, where's the surprise in that?
But we did have a mobile phone and we knew exactly where Noel was!
Caz and Lisa find the phone number for the theatre.
So Noel received the news of his victory by phone. At first he was surprised by the phone call, thinking Anne was calling him because she'd had an accident or was at the police station. Obviously he'd forgotten all about the prize announcement.

Anne advises Noel by phone that he is the winner of the NVWG Writing Competition for 2007

A month later we were able to make an official presentation of the trophy, and Noel read out his prize winning essay.

President Caz presents Noel with his trophy

What would we do without mobile phones?
And we didn't call Gill in London to advise her she'd won 2nd prize. Our budget doesn't quite stretch that far!

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