Sunday, November 4, 2007

Trivia Night

Last night was the Nambucca Valley Writers Group first Trivia Night, held at the Nambucca Surf Club.

As the waves rolled in on the sand, groups of trivia professionals and newbies gathered around their tables to strategise, trick the enemy and trawl the vaults of their memories for the correct answers.
To kick off the proceedings, a couple of 'brains' were auctioned off to join the tables.

Fred was the MC for the evening, firing the questions sometimes at gunshot speed and dropping acerbic comments about the participants.

There was a big turn-out from the Writers Group themselves, eager to demonstrate their own trivial prowess.
Organiser Marilyn and one of the question writers Sue watch the ensuing chaos.

Many of the tables adopted a theme for the night - this was the Gangsters and Molls table, which later won the prize for Best Themed Table.

Another table adopted a fairy and butterfly theme, but were a bit shy of the camera.

This was the Blue Bloopers table.

And the Wacky Racers.

Caz showed the teams the scoreboard between rounds, heightening the tension and the competitive edge in the room.

But it was the Damsels and Devils who proved their combined store of trivia to be the biggest in the room, scoring a wad of cash for the table.

It was a fantastic, entertaining night and we all learned just another bit of trivia. Another round perhaps?