Sunday, January 28, 2007

January 2007

On January 14th, we held a farewell luncheon for Jennifer Gordon, our president since May 2006. Jennifer has left Nambucca for an exciting cultural life in Melbourne and we wish her all the best. She must also remain a long-distance member of our group and stay in touch, and she has been advised that she has to attend the Byron Bay Writers Festival in 2008 with us.

Left to Right: Diane, Jennifer, Carrolline, Roby, Sue.

So there has been a reshuffle of our committee with Jennifer leaving us. Carrolline has moved up to be the President, we will toil on without a vice-president, I remain Secretary, Roby is the publicity officer, and Sue is Treasurer.

Our first meeting for the year was held yesterday Saturday 27th January. We realised during lunch at the Golden Sands Tavern that we didn't have the keys to the normal venue, but within a couple of minutes, we had arranged to meet at Sue's house. (Thanks Sue!)

It was fabulous to welcome five new members, Maggie, Sula, Robbie, Penny and Robert. What an exciting start to the new year. Some of the new members have found us through courses run by Carrolline through Coffs Community College and through Camp Creative.

There are some exciting plans ahead for 2007.

The deadline for the in-house essay writing competition was extended to February to allow our new members a chance to enter.

We discussed the upcoming Writers Retreat at Smoky Cape Lighthouse in March, and worked out a number of workshops for the weekend, and voted that the Saturday night feast be Indian.

We discussed our annual pilgrimage to Byron Bay Writers Festival, with some of the new members showing interest in attending.

And we discussed our big project for the year: the Monologue Project, which will have five peformances at Bowraville Theatre in November.
Lisa asked us to do a ten minute writing exercise to include all of the following words: LUCKILY, CLIENT, CULTURAL, EGGPLANT & OVERHEAD.

The pieces were all very different - it is quite amazing where your brain can take you in just a short amount of time (and I don't think we scared off any new members.)

Note: it is been requested that 'writing' be a part of all our meetings. Sometimes we tend to get carried away with the socialising or the business of the writers group, but we will ensure from now on that everyone has the opportunity to write.

Oh yes, and HOMEWORK was set. Now no-one gets graded. No-one fails if they don't do the homework. We realise that sometimes life does get in the way. But it's yet another opportunity to flex your writing muscles.

So this month's homework is to write a complaint to Telstra in at least three of the following voices (200 words maximum for each)
  1. trendy, young male stockbroker
  2. unemployed young person
  3. a woman who is a month off retirement, who has worked for Telstra for 40 years.
  4. 85 year old in aged care accommodation.

By the fun and laughter that was shared at yesterday's meeting, it will be an inspiring, creative and fun-packed year for the Writers Group.