Monday, February 25, 2008

February round-up

We had our first 'official' meeting in 2008, and yet again, it seems that the group is bursting at the seams. Three new members, and a very enthusiastic discussion at to what group members wanted from the group this year. (Winning Lotto is not in the writers' group control but perhaps a group syndicate ticket might be the way to go.)

Our 'program' is summarised in the right-hand column of the blog and we're covering everything from openings (oh no, I can hear Julie Andrews singing in the far corners of my mind...'Let's start at the very beginning...') to that famous oft-repeated phrase 'Show Don't Tell' which can be the bane of the beginning writer's life, to 'grammar and tense', to editing. Phew! It's going to be a big year.

For the first time in three years, we had a deadline for a competition which was NOT extended. Maybe we've learned our lesson from the last couple of times not to make a deadline for January. It seems that the competition was hotly contested with many of our members thrusting freshly-printed manuscripts and entry fees to the receiving officer. The competing short stories have been sent to the judge, and the winners will be announced at the AGM in May. I'm sure that many of the entries will find their way into our 20th Anniversary anthology which will be launched on November 15 at Bowraville Theatre.

Our members are not content just sitting back and waiting for the annual NVWG writing competition to roll around. They are sending out entries to other competitions and collecting prizes! I've started a section on the blog 'Members' Accolades' to celebrate their success. Woo hoo!

Due to the timing of the full moon and - more importantly - Easter, next month, our next meeting has been postponed to the 5th Saturday of the month, March 29th. Same time, same bat channel. Until then.....

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