Thursday, November 27, 2008

More 20th Anniversary Photos

As promised, here are some more photos from our 20th anniversary party and anthology launch. The first five photos are from Maggie.

Musicians brought to us by Lisa Milner.

Please note second from the right, legs and high heels: a very rare sight.

See Sue, we did get a photo of you and your cleavage.

What a great party!

Monday, November 24, 2008

NVWG celebrates 20 years

On November 15, Nambucca Valley Writers Group had a party at the Bowraville Theatre. This was no ordinary party. This was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Nambucca Valley Writers Group and to launch the group's third anthology 'The Fourth Saturday'.

All good parties need alcohol, so Jennifer greeted guests in the foyer of the theatre with a glass of sparkly.

Inside the theatre, there was more alcohol flowing with Roby, Michelle and Elizabeth making sophisticated and gorgeous barmaids.

There was also musical entertainment:

Noel looked all dapper in his white tuxedo and Marilyn had flown all the way from Adelaide for the launch.

Maggie, Gill, Roby and Robbie claim their seats in the front row, waiting for the launch to begin.

Noel & Caz before the launch:

The night included readings from the anthology, and film screenings from Verandah Post Films, a fellow sub-committee of the Bowraville Arts Council. These included Sue McKinley's scripted Dear Old Dad, Carrolline Rhode's scripted Outsided the Square, and a history of the Nambucca Valley Writers Group 'The Fourth Saturday' produced and edited by Lisa Milner.

Noel escorts Robbie down the stairs following the reading of one of her stories from the anthology.

Gill looks as if she's sent a message to the Enterprise asking them to "Beam me up Scotty!" Was the reading that terrifying?

All the members of the Nambucca Valley Writers Group are invited on stage for a special announcement:

And our wonderful President Carrolline Rhodes (Prez Caz) is honoured with a Life Membership.

Gillian Helfgott launches 'The Fourth Saturday'

and is presented with a thank you present from Caz's cute grandson Reece.

Diane in glamorous check-out chick mode, flogging the anthology.

Gill in famous author mode, signing the anthology, watched by Robbie, and a 'fan'.

That's not it all, folks. I have more shots on my camera (hopefully not featuring any more attempted abductions by aliens) and I have some shots taken by Maggie. So stay tuned....