Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Welleez Book Launch

What do you need to launch a kid's book called The Welleez?

You need a pair of welleez, preferably in a bright colour, that will stand out amongst the crowd.

You need a friend selling books located close to the door where no-one can escape:

It's a children's book, so you need lots of your target audience:

and some more:

and more:

You need the parents of your target audience to buy your book:

You need finger food, champagne, orange juice, apple juice and lots of fairy bread:

You need a very talented young man to read an excerpt from The Welleez:

You need a Nambucca Valley Writers Group president to officially launch your book when your planned special guest can't be there. (Carrolline Rhodes read Nancy Corbett's launch speech in her unavoidable absence.)

You need a fabulous chair for your reader to sit in:

You need a granddaughter to sit on your lap while you read from your book:

You need a good pen to autograph books:

You need people to line up for your autograph once they've purchased your book:

You need your star reader to have a quick rehearsal while Dad listens before show time:

You need a supportive writers group to cheer you on and toast your launch:

The Welleez by L Arthur was launched at Bellingen Library on Sunday 17 May (despite the date in the photos)

The book was officially launched by president of the Nambucca Valley Writers Group, Carrolline Rhodes, and excerpts were read by Reece Rhodes and the author Elizabeth Arthur.

Coming soon: A member spotlight featuring Elizabeth.

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Karen Gribbin said...

Hi Liz
Looks like 'The Welleez Book Launch' was a resounding success. Congratulations.
Best Wishes
Karen Gribbin