Sunday, June 28, 2009

And the winner is...

It's been a busy couple of months for the Nambucca Valley Writers Group.

The group took over the publication of the Bowraville Arts Council newsletter under the helm of Editor in Chief, the extremely talented Jennifer Gordon. The newsletter is now in A5 book format and is called BAC CHAT with the first edition (Winter 2009) out now.

An afternoon of radio plays was held Sunday 21 June at the Bowraville Theatre with plays contributed by members of our group. Alas, I was hampered by the rain yet again, so did not manage to see the plays myself or take photos. Our featured playwrights were Carrolline Rhodes, Noel Robertson, Robbie Baer and Karly Blackmore-Mowle. It was a full house, with great support from the writers group, and Prez Caz said she was proud to be a member of our group. Word is that Bowraville is still talking about it, and the afternoon was recorded so some of the plays may feature on community radio.

Our AGM was postponed from May to June due to the floods.

Yesterday, we began the day with a workshop on Dreams and Writing, conducted by one of our newer members Jennifer Albertson.

"A dream is a theatre in which the dreamer is...the scene, the player, the prompter, the producer, the author, the public and the critic."

C.G. Jung (CW, 8, Para 509)

In the workshop Jennifer read us a dream and each of us expanded on it in writing, using random prompts drawn from a hat. Excellent workshop.

Then it was on to the Prize Presentation for the hotly contested Performance Writing competition. Who would take home the coveted Foundation President Trophy this year?

3rd prize was won by our treasured Treasurer, Sue McKinley with a screenplay, Bruno.

Then oh my God, they called out my name for second prize so I had to give camera duties to someone else.

2nd Prize - Diane Curran for Member's Only

1st Prize went to Noel Robertson (the second time he has taken home the coveted trophy) for Boy's Bench.

Here I capture him, moments after the announcement:

And here he is again with Anne Holgate presenting his goodies.

Woohoo, congratulations everybody!

Next year's competition returns to the genre of poetry.

But to my surprise, that wasn't the last of the awards. Turns out some of them had been discussing me behind my back while I was stranded by the last lot of floods.

And decided to give me a gift for being 'the world's greatest secretary' and for my fabulous work online.

Mmm, chocolates. And these ones are truly decadent.

Later, we held the AGM with the following results.

President Carrolline Rhodes
President of Vice Roby Aiken
Secretary Diane Curran
Treasurer Sue McKinley

Well, no surprises there. The old guard take up their positions again.

But we have added several new members to the committee (and I am so pleased with their enthusiasm).

Editor of BAC Chat Jennifer Gordon

& 3 general committee members

Nancy Corbett
Gill Chapman
& newest of the new members Christine Norman

Welcome abroad girls, we're going to have a lot of fun.

As part of the AGM, we also voted for a couple of motions.

Firstly membership is now capped at those who have paid up by the AGM (28 members & 3 Associate members) and entry to membership will not be re-opened until the number of ordinary members falls below 25.

We now have two levels of membership: Ordinary Members & Associate Members (for those who live too far away to attend meetings.) **Waving at Marilyn**

Huge meeting, and we look forward to another huge year.

Next month is our in-group trash and treasure.