Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Falls Forest: Lyn's Perspective

Denise gifted her weekend to me as her mothers' health was uncertain.

Another safe drive with Robbie. I shared with Lisa and Gill in a comfortable unit.
5am Sat saw me up and scribbling 8 poems. I also completed a poem for a Memorial Service after Lisa and Gill carefully listened and clarified a word for me.

Walking to the falls was difficult; everyone supportive.

Gill and I played table tennis.

I did a small black and white drawing - getting my eye and hand in again. Something I haven't done for quite awhile.

Robbie and Lisa worked like Trojans and fed us royally.

Meeting Mary White -"Earth Alive" was an unexpected highlight, she gifted me a signed copy of her book.

It began as a gift and it closed with a gift.

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