Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And the winner is...

On Saturday we all gathered in the Wellington Room at the V-Wall Tavern to find out who had won the honour to display the Founding President's Trophy for the next 12 months.

This year's genre was poetry and our honourary judge was poet Ron Pretty.

Anne Holgate presented the first Highly Commended certificate to Lyn Thiry for her poem 'Mum'.

The second Highly Commended was awarded to Carolyn Peddie for 'Library'.

The last Highly Commended certificate was awarded to Lyn Thiry for 'Pondering'.

3rd prize was awarded to Carrolline Rhodes for 'Feathers, Glass and Perfect Pitch'.

Carrolline also took out 2nd prize with her poem 'Refrains'.

And then came the big announcement for first prize. Who would it be?

It's always fabulous when the announcement comes as a total shock to the winner.

Lisa Milner was stunned to hear her name read out for first prize

for her poem 'Made to Measure'.

But we almost forgot to give her the trophy!

But now she has a firm grip on it.

After the prize ceremony, we held the AGM and a new committee was elected.

The outgoing committee were given yummy chocolates and flowers for their years of service.

Falls Forest: Lyn's Perspective

Denise gifted her weekend to me as her mothers' health was uncertain.

Another safe drive with Robbie. I shared with Lisa and Gill in a comfortable unit.
5am Sat saw me up and scribbling 8 poems. I also completed a poem for a Memorial Service after Lisa and Gill carefully listened and clarified a word for me.

Walking to the falls was difficult; everyone supportive.

Gill and I played table tennis.

I did a small black and white drawing - getting my eye and hand in again. Something I haven't done for quite awhile.

Robbie and Lisa worked like Trojans and fed us royally.

Meeting Mary White -"Earth Alive" was an unexpected highlight, she gifted me a signed copy of her book.

It began as a gift and it closed with a gift.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Falls Forest Retreat

by Carrolline Rhodes

Ten members had the most extraordinary weekend at Falls Forest, a sanctuary operated by Mary White, who is the author of THE GREENING OF GONDWANA, among many other works.

This magic place is notable for the diversity of its flora, and we wandered among trees more than three hundred years old as we made our way to a waterfall that plunges down a narrow chasm.

Here, vines and trees grow up the sheer sides, clinging to every crevice as they make their way to the sun and they are awe-inspiring in their tenacity, their determination to flourish no matter what the conditions.

We ate the most beautiful meals, lovingly prepared by our chefs extraordinaire, Lisa and Roby.

We drank wine and ate chocolate – and chips, of course - as we sat around a roaring fire, listening to Sue play guitar while others sang.

As the logs burned, Mary told us about her extraordinary life, and her new beginnings when she purchased Falls Forest at the age of seventy-seven. At eighty-four she is not just an inspiration, but a living treasure.

Our group will undoubtedly return to this extraordinary place for another retreat, but next time we will stay longer: two nights and a day aren’t enough. For those who wished they had joined us, Falls Forest invites you for a night or a week or a month. Take your partner and revel in its serenity, its special magic.